Canadiens, Eller submit salary arbitration stances ahead of Friday hearing

The Montreal Canadiens and pending RFA Lars Eller have exchanged salary arbitration briefs 48 hours before their scheduled hearing for Friday morning. According to Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet Lars Eller has requested $3.1 million while the Habs put in their stance at $1.65 million, which makes for a $1.45 million gap between the two sides.

There is no need for an overreaction here as this is just business as usual for both the team’s side of things and the player’s side. Most arbitration’s start off with the team submitting a low ball offer while the player involved submits a high offer usually higher than his actual value.

From what I’ve gathered the Montreal Canadiens are certainly willing to go above $2 million on a multi-year deal with Eller. Also if this dispute does go through arbitration expect it to be no more than two years at about $2.5 million.