Gorges expands list of teams he would accept a trade to

According to Bob McKenzie of TSN the Montreal Canadiens are trying to move defenseman Josh Gorges and have already asked him to waive his no trade clause to go to Toronto but he declined.

“Josh Gorges situation in MTL problematic for all. MTL had deal with TOR but Gorges refused to waive modified NTC to go to TOR. Still won’t.”

“MTL appears to want to shed his salary/contract. Could trade him to 1 of 15 approved teams. Failing that, could put him on waivers.”

McKenzie speculates that if the Habs can’t move Gorges they may look to buy him out by putting him on waivers.

The Canadiens will continue to try to move Gorges before noon time tomorrow when free agency opens. Rumors are that the Habs are gearing up for some move and are trying to clear some cap space to fit the new acquisition.

Josh Gorges has expanded his list of teams he would accept a trade to and according to Bob McKenzie it now includes a couple of Canadian clubs. Speculation is that the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames are now off the no trade list, although Gorges would prefer to play in an American based team.