Brian Gionta is seeking a 3 year deal

The Montreal Canadiens have begun contract negotiations with captain Brian Gionta and according to a source the meetings have just entered the ‘numbers stage’. Preliminary reports are that Gionta and his camp are seeking a three-year deal in the $3 to $4 million range.

It is believed that the Habs are set on giving Gionta a 1 year contract in the $3 million area, the two sides could possibly settle on a 2 year deal with a form of a no trade clause or no movement clause to offer the captain more security, as he has desired.

Gionta has stated that he loves the city and team of Montreal and has praised the organization for its excellence in support to him and his family. Bergevin also praised Gionta for his great work as the Canadiens captain over the past few years that Bergevin has been here for.

There seems to be good interest between the two sides on getting a deal done before July 1st.