Markov wants a 3 year deal worth $18 million

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie Montreal Canadiens UFA Andrei Markov is looking for a 3 year deal worth $6 million per season

There has been numerous reports on the terms and what both sides have been discussing ever since the contract talks have begun, and the sense seems to be it will be either a 2-3 year deal in the $5.7-$6 million range. Early in the contract talks it was reported that Markov was looking for a 4 year contract at just below $6 million per season. Closer to the trade deadline as trade talks started to heat up a report came out saying the Canadiens offered Markov a 1 year deal worth $6 million, which later was denied by Andrei himself.

Talks between the two sides are expected to continue as the Habs try to work Markov and his camp down to a 2 year deal at around a similar salary to what he was making on his previous contract.