Canadiens will talk numbers with Gionta shortly

The Montreal Canadiens have already had discussions with captain Brian Gionta about his future and where he sees himself with the team for the next season. According to Richard Labbe of La Presse the Habs will get into serious negotiations in the next few days after completing at least one preliminary meeting.

“We’ll probably make progress in our discussions in the coming days, said Bartlett, the veteran player agent. We have not really discussed the amount or duration of the contract, we only had a few discussions in a very general, nothing specific. But I know that people want the Canadiens back to the team, and I must now mention this possibility with my player. “

“He loves Montreal and he loves the team, but he needs to know where it fits into the plans of management, what would be his role,” said the agent.

“I think it’s realistic to think that the value of Brian is not the same as in 2009, when he said yes to Canadian, he acknowledged. The present value of Brian is a topic that we will discuss, as the duration of his next contract. These are issues to be discussed in the coming days. “

It is believed that Gionta is looking for at least 2-3 years in term and wants some security for what could be his last multi-year deal of his hockey career.