What will Bergevin do with Brian Gionta

Marc Bergevin had his season ending press conference earlier today and touched on a number of topics regarding player evaluations, the future of some players and some injury news to a certain extent. Bergevin told the media today that Gionta is a “big part of this team” and has been a great leader for this organization thus far. Bergevin stood by his word by not mentioning anything about contract negotiations between the two sides, though praised Gionta for his ability to handle the team, media and his great work as a captain of a big hockey market club.

Gionta later joined TSN 690 with Chris Nilan to talk about his future more in-depth and mentioned some interesting pieces. Gionta said he loves the city of Montreal and the whole organization and would like to get a deal done with the team as soon as possible. Gionta went on to say that it’s just not about the ‘numbers’ motioning that maybe he will take a pay cut to stay in the Bleu Blanc et Rouge. Chris Nilan asked Gionta about his role on the team and Gionta admitted that his role at this stage in his career is definitely changing and that he fully understands where the team is heading and where he is heading on this club. Gionta said he see’s the progression of his role on the team changing and that a new contract would reflect that change as well.

In regards to his contract negotiations with Marc Bergevin, Gionta did not get into any specifics but did say “we haven’t gotten into the numbers yet”, but what they may have already gotten in to is the term of his deal which seems to be in the 2-3 year range similar to impending UFA Andrei Markov.

Pierre McGuire said on TSN 690 with Mitch Melnick that “…it comes down to price point with Gionta…$3-4 million is on the high side (in terms of salary) on a 2 year deal”.

According to a source the Habs have already had brief discussions with Gionta about his future and will start contract talks within the next one to two weeks.