Canadiens and Therrien already have a contract extension in place

The Montreal Canadiens and head coach Michel Therrien reportedly have already agreed on the terms of a new extension that will keep Therrien behind the bench beyond next season. The exact term of the contract is not yet known fully but according to numerous sources it seems like it will be a two-year contract extension.

There has been a ton of concern from fans around the Canadiens on the hiring of Therrien and ‘if’ he can take this team to where GM Marc Bergevin in-visions them to be. Bergevin gave his coach a big vote of confidence and stated no matter what the media/fans think if it is not a popular choice that it will not influence his moves.

“When you’re in my position, you make decisions sometimes that are not going to be popular,” Bergevin said. “I’m not about to make decisions to make people happy. I’m making hockey decisions based on what I believe and what I know. Sometimes they won’t be popular, but that’s just the way it is.” –

“Michel and I have a good relationship; we talk a lot, share ideas. Am I shocked we are where we are today the way he handles the team? No. He’s a really good coach and he’s proving it now.” –