Montreal is on Vanek’s ‘short list of teams’

According to report from La Presse’s Richard Labbe Thomas Vanek is apparently more open to resigning with Montreal before July 1st.

“Thomas has always decided anything for next season, but he certainly loved the experience last week with the Canadiens, said Stephen Bartlett in a telephone interview. I think it shows a greater openness in relation to the signing of a new agreement with the team. Thomas was impressed by the market of Montreal and the team.”

Vanek’s agent, who also happens to represent captain Brian Gionta’s reiterated that Vanek will definitely wait until July 1st even though the Habs are one of the top teams on his list.

“Thomas will always wait for July 1, but I would say that the Canadian is one of several teams that interest.”

In regards to the latest rumors of the Minnesota Wild who are expected to throw big money at Vanek this summer, agent Steve Bartlett said he never heard of anything between the Wild trying to acquire Vanek at the deadline.

“I’ve never heard of it,… I’ve never heard of the Wild trade deadline.”

Other teams that were interested in acquiring Vanek at trade deadline day includes the Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins. Reports of the Toronto Maple Leafs and St. Louis Blues who also may have expressed interest.

Vanek’s family took in the city of Montreal during the last couple of weeks of the season before heading back home in Minnesota just before the playoffs started. Vanek has expressed many times that he is overwhelmed of how nice the Canadiens have been to him and is thoroughly enjoying his time there.