Rene Bourque could be on the move

UPDATE: Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports reports the Montreal Canadiens are trying to move Rene Bourque for a ‘quality’ player. Lavoie says Avalanche, Kings and Islanders are all interested in Bourque.

There are also rumors that Bourque has already submitted his list of 10 teams he will not accept a trade to as he holds a NTC.

Rumors floating around now that Rene Bourque could be moved before the 3pm trade deadline. Possible destinations are the Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings, there is already a history with Bourque and the Avalanche earlier in the year.

Hearing Habs Rene Bourque who has 2 years left on his 6 year deal could be on the move. Salary dips to $2.5 million in the next 2 yrs. Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings. – Andy Strickland