Report: Habs offer Markov a 1 year deal worth $6m, Markov denies the report

According to Tony Marinaro of TSN 690 Marc Bergevin has offered veteran Habs defenseman Andrei Markov a one year contract extension worth $6m. He also noted that Markov is looking for a 3 year deal while GM Bergevin is looking to go year by year.

Previous reports stated that Markov was looking for a minimum of 3 years in length and around $5.5-6.5 million per year. Bergevin is only wiling to give Markov a 1-2 year deal around the same salary that he is earning now, $5.75m.

Andrei Markov denied the report when asked the question from various reporters and fired back by saying

“who said that?”, reporter went on to say “Tony Marinaro”, and Markov continued on saying “Were people there at the meetings?”.


Markov told Dave Stubbs that he can be signed at any time before the trade deadline.

“We’ll see what happens, There are eight days left, It can happen at any time.”