Markov’s agent says his client wants to stay in Montreal

Andrei Markov’s agent Sergei Berezin says that his client wishes to stay with the Montreal Canadiens and is seeking a new contact with the club, according to the La Presse.

“We are in discussions with the management of Canadiens, said Berezin. I will not reveal the details of these discussions, of course, but I can tell you that Andrei wants to stay with the Canadiens and I can tell you that the Canadiens want him to remain a member of the team. “

There have been rumors that the Canadiens are listening to offers from other teams on the 35-year-old veteran who has been a Montreal Canadien for his whole career and hopes to keep it that way.

There is no report on how long of a contract Markov is looking for but rumors recently state he is in the range of a minimum 3 year deal. The Canadiens may be looking for a 1-2 year deal around the same salary that he currently holds at $5.75 million.