Markov wants to finish his career in Montreal

The 35 year old veteran defender would like to finish his career in Montreal according to the Montreal Gazette.

“Maybe I’m going to sign another contract tomorrow. Maybe in another month. We’ll see,” he said. “I’d like to stay here for the rest of my career…”

Markov has enjoyed Montreal greatly over his long career and the fans have embraced him as an important figure during his tenure.

Andrei Markov is currently an impending ufa at season’s end and has stated that the Habs are interested in re-signing him before he hits the open market. Markov also says there haven’t been any serious talks about his future in Montreal.

“There is nothing I can say right now.”

Markov is currently negotiating without an agent as he fired Don Meehan earlier this year. Markov could possibly negotiate the contract himself with the help of some advice from others and could also be saving some money on his next deal.

Markov fully knows he can probably garner upwards of $6 million per year elsewhere but may very well take a small home town discount to play for the one club he has ever played for in his NHL career.

Possible contract offers for Markov are a 2-3 year deal worth between $5.75-$6 million.