Daniel Briere wants out?

Some very interesting rumors surfaced early today stating that forward Daniel Briere has asked the Montreal Canadiens for a trade. I would like to note that you should take these rumors with a very small grain of salt.

Luc Chénier at 104.7FM, said Daniel Briere will not end the season in Montreal. Chénier says that sources close to Briere said that he asked the organization to the Montreal Canadiens to be traded because he is not happy in Montreal. As mentioned Chénier, Briere is not happy with his ice time and use the wing and not in the center with CH.

Luc Chenier is a former QMJHL hockey player who played there for 5 seasons and is now a hockey play-by-play man for the QMJHL’s Gatineau Olympiques. Chenier stated that “his” sources have told him this, what we don’t know is who his sources are and if they’re even credible.

For what it is worth it seems somewhat plausible since Briere has been used very sparsely thus far and has only tallied 10 points in 23 games. Therrien has only used Briere for an average of 12:49 per game, but recently Briere’s ice time has dropped in average since the beginning of the season by roughly 2 minutes bringing him to and average of 10:58 in the month of December. Briere is also shooting a lot less than he did in Philadelphia last year (although he only played 34 games last year) as shown here,

average shots per game based on 34 games in 2012-2013: 2.56 shots/game

average shots per game based on 23 games in 2013-2014: 1.70 shots/game

On the other hand Briere may have just asked head coach Michel Therrien for more ice time to show what he is worth. We can certainly all agree that Briere is frustrated with his play and most likely with the amount of ice time he is getting but I don’t think he asked for a trade just yet.