Could Subban Take Advantage Of The Rising Salary Cap?

The Montreal Canadiens are currently in contract negotiations with defenseman P.K Subban and his agent Don Meehan, word is that negotiations are slowly moving along well. Reports suggest that Subban is looking for a long-term deal of at least 6 years and a salary of $7-$9 million per season.

With the recent reports that the NHL salary cap will be upwards of $71 million a rough increase of $6.7 million from this year and will only increase over the years. Subban could opt for a shorter deal around 2-3 years with a high cap hit of $7-$8 million and cash in big when the Rogers/NHL TV deal kicks in along with the cap rising close to $80 million. There is also the factor that Subban could go to arbitration this year if contract negotiations are not going well and could even command more the years after because of UFA status, pushing the Habs closer to paying market price.

I do believe that Subban and his agent Don Meehan of NewPort Sports Agency already factored in the idea of signing a short-term deal and looking at the possibilities of the cap rising. There have not been any reports as of yet stating that Subban has been searching for a short-term deal, rather there has only been murmurs of a longer term deal with a cap hit of $8 million.  So will Subban sign a short-term deal and cash in on the rising salary cap ceiling?,possibly, but I think Subban will be signing a lengthy contract with a large cap hit.