Subban Contract Negotiations Moving Along

Reports state that the reigning Norris Trophy winner P.K. Subban and the Montreal Canadiens could be very close to a long-term deal and that talks have started to intensify.

According to La Presse PK Subban is and the Habs are talking a long-term deal at least 6 years.

“The management of Canadian wants to come to an agreement with Subban, said our informant. We’re talking about a long-term agreement, at least for six seasons. There is no rush in the short term, but the Canadian leaders want a deal before the end of the season. “

The source that shared this information with La Presse also stated if it’s a 6 year contract it will likely be upwards of $50 million.

“If it is a 6-year contract, Subban will probably get about $ 50 million … I expect he gets a salary of more than 8 million per season, “said our informant.

From last night the Montreal Journal and TVA Sports stated talks have actually started.

According to the Montreal Journal,

“We started to negotiate,” confirmed Subban agent, Don Meehan, to the TVA Sports.

“We will keep it confidential throughout the process, we have nothing to report at this time,”  said Mark Guy another representative of New Port Sports Agency.

The journal also added that talks will intensify over the next coming weeks.

Another reason why a contract could be done sooner rather than later is by looking at what happened in New York earlier today. The New York Rangers signed Henrik Lundqvist to a brand new seven-year deal. Just recently agent Don Meehan was in New York to discuss the contract and it got done pretty quickly, quicker than most thought.

Another report from the RDS panel discussing P.K. Subban contract demands, 8 years between $65-$70 million.