Dudley & Carriere Scouting TOR-CBJ Game

The Montreal Canadiens were very present during the Toronto Maple Leafs and Columbus Blue Jackets game last night. Ast. GM’s Rick Dudley, Larry Carriere and one of the pro scouts and another personnel from the Habs hockey operations were all there watching.

This is according to TheFourthPeriod.com,

The Canadiens have been scouting several teams over the last few weeks, and most recently had four members of the organization — including Assistant GMs Rick Dudley and Larry Carriere, a pro scout and another member of their Hockey Operations staff — attend Monday night’s Toronto Maple Leafs 6-0 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

There were some reports earlier last week that the Blue Jackets will not be negotiating a new contract with Marian Gaborik until he improves his play. The Columbus Blue Jackets may have been taking calls on Gaborik recently to see what his value is as of right now. But with all that said Gaborik did not play last night so that ultimately defeats the whole purpose of the Habs looking for that “top-tier” goal scorer, that was reported by TheFourthPeriod.com earlier this week.

Over the weekend, multiple sources from other hockey clubs informed TFP that the Habs are looking to make a big move by acquiring a “top-tier” player.

It is very clear now that Bergevin is looking to move some pieces around by the numerous reports put out there, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to rush anything.

Bergevin and his staff have been scouring the market, but nothing appears to be imminent. TheFourthPeriod.com